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Mercury is lonely because he doesn't have a moon. He decides to ask the other planets if they have a spare one. Will they be able to help?


Venus is upset when she sees the shooting stars crashing around in space. Will she be able to solve the problem?



Earth is worried when she finds out that Buster, the terrible asteroid, is heading her way. It looks like she's doomed. Can anyone save her?



Mars the frowning red planet seems very scary. But when Halley the comet loses his tail will he come to the rescue?


King Jupiter is worried when his red spot gets bigger and redder. Will the other planets laugh when they see him?


It's a disaster as Saturn's colourful rings fade away. Will a holiday help her to get them back?





Uranus the plain planet wishes she was more interesting. A wishing star gives her three wishes. Will she be happy when her wishes are granted?


Neptune has been looking forward to his birthday but when it arrives he's all alone. Is he about to get a big surprise?



Pluto the dwarf planet feels like the odd one out because he's so small. Will the planets be friendly to him when he visits them?






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