If you have a space themed, child friendly website, let us know and we'll feature you here..


Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System - One of the best sites around!

Stargazing LIVE (BBC) - There's plenty see here!

Jets Observing the Skys - Interactive fun from our Astrofriends in America!

Urmston Bookshop - A really friendly local bookshop - children's storytimes.

Up To The Moon - Great gifts, toys and books for children of all ages

Waterstones - Everything you need from a book store.

Kidsites - Space and much much more!

Kids Astronomy - A fantastic site to learn about space!

Spaceport - A great place to visit for space kids - just by the Mersey ferry terminal on the Wirral.

Liverpool Museum Planetarium - View space in Liverpool's very own planetarium.





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